Izzie is a friendly 12-year-old girl, juggling the demands of school, family, friends and sports—and not always successfully! Fortunately for Izzie, as webmaster for the SciGirls site she gets a firsthand look at real girls using ordinary science to do extraordinary things—like learning how dolphins communicate or how a wind turbine creates sustainable energy. When she finds herself in a jam that only science can fix, Izzie magically transports herself into the website to drum up much needed help. A quick pass through the Picture Gallery on the Homepage, and Izzie jumps into the real-life SciGirls video to find herself knee-deep in a swamp or elbow-deep in a test kitchen. Ultimately, real SciGirls help Izzie solve her own problems, answering her call: “SciGirls, I need you!”

Voice Actor Edit

  • Lara Jill Miller